Simple Elegance & Quiet Dignity

Simple Elegance & Quiet Dignity

This is never easy. Arranging funerals for a loved one or even pre-arranging your own is not something you are likely experienced in.  If someone could take the reins and provide guidance, help make some of these complicate decisions, and make this easier, it would be a godsend. 

That is the Phelps Difference

Our staff is here for you… to listen, provide comfort, understand your wishes, and guide you to choices that feel right for you and your loved one.   We have worked with families like yours for decades and know exactly how this feels for you.  Assisting you is both an honor and a privilege for our staff.  This is your last act of love and we are here to help make this uncomplicated and extremely dignified.  

  • Planning A Funeral

    Planning A Funeral

    Taking the time to design your service is a loving act, and not a difficult one. We invite you to explore the seemingly infinite number of ways to celebrate and honor a life.

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  • Service Packages

    Service Packages

    We offer a wide range of traditional funeral service options and packages. We also offer all types of cremation services, monuments and advance funeral planning.

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  • Headstones & Markers

    Headstones & Markers

    Having a place to spend time after a loss, a dedicated place where you can find comfort, will make all the difference to those left behind. We will help you to create the perfect lasting memorial.

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